Company Story

Mr. Bread was founded in 1977 by two men who had worked for a large baking company in Michigan. They started the company with one truck and a rented building in Flint. Mr. Bread contracted with some independent bakeries to bake products for them. Their first customer was the Palace Coney Island in flint.


Flint is a market consisting of many family-owned coney-island restaurants and a locally owned hamburger chain with several locations throughout the area. These customers are the backbone of the business.


Mr. Bread has grown to a company of seven trucks and expanded its sales territories to include Oakland, Shiawassee, Saginaw, Bay, Midland, Lapeer, Lansing, Imlay City and Mt. Pleseant. Mr. Bread currently servers approximately 300 customers on a regular basis. Our product line has grown substantially over the years to meet the growing demand of our customers. Our flagship product is the 7-inch coney-bun. I guess you could measure Mr. Bread's growth by 7 inches at a time.


Our reputation of great service and quality has kept us in business over the years. We have driven to Detroit in the middle of the night to get product for our customers. One afternoon, while shorthanded, Peggy (The only woman at Mr. Bread) got a call from a very important customer that needed product immediately. With everyone on a route, she loaded up the van with hot dog buns and headed out. It took her quite a bit longer to deliver because she could only carry one tray at a time but the customer coudln't have been happier. To this day, she is still kidded about having to make deliveries. She always replies with, "Whatever needs to be done."


Mr. Bread is represented by people who are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. It is a philosophy that sets us apart from anyone else in the bakery business. There is a quote that everyone in this company lives by. It reads, "Success is not achieved by extraordinary people, success is achieved by ordinary people doing extraordinary things." On that day, Peggy was that ordinary person and she chose to do that extraoridanry thing. That is what makes Mr. Bread the great company that it is!


While not always the lowest price, Mr. Bread believes in giving the highest quality product and the best service available.

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